It starts with the simplest treasures that nature provides us with: clean, clear alpine water.  Fresh herbs and earthy botanicals.  Organic and sustainably-grown teas. We collect these high-quality ingredients that the wilderness offers and carefully ferment them into what becomes Fernie Alpine Springs Kombucha.  

By now, most of us have heard about the incredible health benefits that kombucha boasts.  It's living, probiotic drink supports the immune system, helps us retain the most nutrients from the food we eat, and keeps the digestive system cleansed, balanced and flourishing-which is essential to full-body health and disease prevention.  Kombucha has been used for thousands of years, in cultures across the globe.  We keep some of this ancient wisdom in each batch of kombucha that we brew.

Our kombucha is also so much more than a health staple.  We want it to be a rich and nourishing experience. The refined flavours find a perfect balance between sweet and tart. Between bubbly and smooth.  Between decadence and simplicity. 

It's similar, in the way, to a fine champagne.  But the similarities go far beyond the slow process of fermentation, bubbles, and a uniquely delicate taste, Our kombucha is also crafted to help you celebrate. The pop of the bottle opening means that a reward has been earned. Stash one in your backpack for your next hike, and on the summit, celebrate the body that got you there,  Or break out the finest glasses, craft an artisanal cocktail with kombucha and your favourite spirit (but without the hangover!) and raise a toast to your new promotion, home, or a new chapter in life. 

There really is so much to celebrate:  Time spent wandering in the lush Kootenay forests with loved ones. Our health, and how it powers us to live our best lives.  Fresh fruit and fragrant herbs.  And above of all, your happiness.  This is what we brew for.